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The Coach’s Corner

Welcome to RotoRadar’s latest addition to its collection of tools and aids to help DFS players: “The Coach’s Corner”! In every sport there are athletes and coach(es). Most people don’t realize how important the relationship between players and coaches are to the success of a team. You can have a group of top athletes, but they will fail to live up to their potential without proper coaching, instruction, motivation, and team chemistry.

Here at RotoRadar we provide you with the best content on how to win in DFS. We provide you daily player picks and lineups to optimize your chances of winning. However, information alone is not going to help you win in the long term. What sets RotoRadar apart is that our DFS Pros and COACH engage in discussion with members and help them to better understand and best utilize the content we provide daily. This is the purpose of COACH’s CORNER. This article is your daily one-stop read for advice, strategy, instruction, and motivation for succeeding in DFS. For the best preparation, read both the daily Pros’ (Brittinghamt and TwoMindsBluff) articles and The Coach’s Corner. Carefully studying this content will significantly increase your DFS knowledge and chances of winning on any given night.

Date: 6/27/17


MLB Main Slate Strategy

We have a 15 game MLB DFS slate tonight! Tonight, I am recommending 4%-5% of your BR at 70%-30% CASH to GPP.

Initial Post will be in the morning. Check back for final updates before lock.

Weather News:

Weather updates can be found from Kevin Roth at

Line-up Construction Strategy:


Tonight, you want to begin building your lineups by picking the right pitcher. In CASH, you want a high floor from your pitcher to put you in a competitive situation for your batters to carry you over the CASH line.

Top tier pitchers for tonight (CASH and GPP):

  1. Max Scherzer
  2. Luis Severino

GPP Pitcher options:

  1. Carlos Martinez
  2. James Paxton
  3. Mike Clevinger (value)
  4. Sean Newcomb (value)

NOTE: For in depth pitching analysis and match-up breakdown, check out the “On the RotoRadar” podcast and the PRO articles.


Line-up Construction Advice:


Max Scherzer and Luis Severino will likely be the SP1 in CASH lineups. To be clear, Scherzer is the top pitcher of the night, but some may pivot to Severino for the cheaper price and the option of picking higher priced batters.

  • For CASH locks check out the “On The RotoRadar” Podcast



GPP lineups should look to pivot off Scherzer for Severino or any of the other choices listed. GPP lineups should look to stack teams with high implied run totals, with the goal of an underpriced pitcher exceeding value and the batters exploding for higher than implied run totals. A contrarian approach is to stack a team with an middle of the field implied run total with the possibility of exceeding teams with higher implied run totals.

  • For GPP hot takes check out the “On the RotoRadar” Podcast


High upside batter stacks:

  1. BOS vs Hector Santiago (MIN)
  2. TOR vs Kevin Gausman (BAL)
  3. CLE vs Tyson Ross (TEX)
  4. LAD vs Jesse Chavez (LAA)
  5. COL vs Matt Cain (SFG)


Note-worthy Pitching Stats (season long) :

Highest swinging strike rate

  1. Max Scherzer (35.3 K%)
  2. Sean Manaea (26.6 K%)
  3. Kenta Maeda (24.9 K%)

Highest Hard Contact %

  1. Alex Cobb (39.3 HH%)
  2. Tyson Ross (39.3 HH%)
  3. Justin Verlander (37.8 HH%)

Highest HR/FB

  1. Mike Fiers (23.7 HR/FB)
  2. Jesse Chavez (19 HR/FB)
  3. Robert Gsellman (18.8 HR/FB)


Top 5 BvP match-ups for home run history:

  1. Alex Gordon vs Justin Verlander
  2. Matt Kemp vs Jhoulys Chacin
  3. Brandon Moss vs Justin Verlander
  4. Mark Reynolds vs Matt Cain
  5. Nolan Arenado vs Matt Cain


Contest Breakdown (70%-30% CASH TO GPP)

CASH – 50/50, Double-ups, H2H, 3-5 user leagues

GPP – $5 and above Multi-entries, 10-20 user leagues, 100 user leagues, $5 and above single entries, QUINT’s.

* You will notice that I recommend $5 and above for GPP’s. The reason being that the below $5 range has so many entries with a top-heavy payout structure. My recommendation to win a GPP is to go for smaller fields with highest upside. Playing higher $ GPP’s generally means a smaller field and less likely max entries.

Official LU notifications will be posted to chat! Good Skill! @DavidRotoRadar