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Demacia 12/25 12 AM

Demacia 12/25

Demacia 12/25 Intro

When building our lineups, it is to make sure we are properly correlating. We always want to make sure we are correlating ADC/SUP. After that, JNG/MID, JNG/ADC should be secondary correlation priorities. We want to make sure that we only have at most 3 teams in our lineups. The favorite stacks are 4-2-1 and 3-3-1. Our one-off priorities should be TOP/TEAM. As always, if you guys have any questions, feel free to send me a DM on discord or twitter(@LinkDFS)!

Demacia 12/25 Teams

Victory Five vs. JD Gaming

Team WE vs. LGD Gaming

Demacia 12/25 Players

Team WE’s lineup is confirmed. All other lineups are projected and subject to change.

Victory Five(V5): Langx(TOP), Weiwei(JNG), Mole(MID), y4(ADC), ppgod(SUP)

JD Gaming(JDG): Zoom(TOP), Kanavi(JNG), xiye(MID), Yagao(MID), LokeN(ADC), LvMao(SUP)

Team WE(WE): Breathe(TOP), beishang(JNG), Shanks(MID), Jiumeng(ADC), Missing(SUP)

LGD Gaming(LGD): Cult(TOP), Flora(JNG), Kui(JNG), Uniboy(MID), Garvey(ADC), Peace(SUP)

Link’s Demacia 12/25 Article

Victory Five vs. JD Gaming

  • Victory Five Priorities: Langx, Weiwei, y4
    • Cash Rating: 2
    • GPP Rating: 6
  • JD Gaming Priorities: Zoom, Kanavi, LokeN
    • Cash Rating: 6
    • GPP Rating: 7

Team WE vs. LGD Gaming

  • Team WE Priorities: Breathe, beishang, Shanks
    • Cash Rating: 10
    • GPP Rating: 8
  • LGD Gaming Priorities: Flora(if he plays), Uniboy, Garvey(if he plays)
    • Cash Rating: 0
    • GPP Rating: 1

Slate Thoughts

  • This slate is very straight forward. WE are massive favorites today, they are facing an LGD team that the only reason they are in the playoffs is due to them getting an automatic bye to the playoffs for being a Worlds participant. This team looks nothing like the team that went to Worlds as they are expected to have 0 of the players that participated in the event in today’s starting lineup. This LGD team is completely new and this is a rebuilding year for the team. WE looked great in group play so with all things considered, I expect a dominant victory for WE.
  • As for the other game, JDG are the favorites here, but we have zero clue as to how they will perform as they are coming into the series “cold” since they automatically qualified for the playoffs for being a Worlds participant. Meanwhile V5 played in the group stage and finished a flawless 4-0 with all the games being in convincing fashion. This matchup will be determined by which JNG, Weiwei or Kanavi performs better. In Cash, I side with rostering JDG, but in GPPs I don’t mind taking a few shots at V5.

Link’s picks

Cash plays: WE/JDG

Favorite underdog: V5

High ceiling players: beishang, Jiumeng, Weiwei, y4, Kanavi, LokeN