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CS:GO – BLAST 10/26 11:30 AM

CS:GO – BLAST 10/26

CS:GO – BLAST Intro 10/26

Hey everyone, we have a few games that I will be breaking down for you. If you ever have any questions about the slate, feel free to DM on discord or twitter(@LinkDFS)

***The order that the players are listed on the respective team under “priorities” are ordered from my favorite to least favorite plays on that team that I’m willing to play. So if they are listed first they are my most favorite play for that team.***

Top play – ⬆️

Value – 🟢

Boom or bust – 💥

Chalk – 🦴

Consistent performer – 💪

CS:GO – BLAST 10/26 Matchups

Natus Vincere vs. NiP

Evil Geniuses vs. OG

Link’s CS:GO – BLAST 10/26 Priority Picks

Natus Vincere vs. NiP

  • Natus Vincere Priorities: s1mple($9,000)⬆️💪, electronic($8,600)💪, Perfecto($6,400)💥🟢
    • Cash Rating: 6
    • GPP Rating: 8
  • NiP Priorities: nawwk($6,600)⬆️💪🟢, REZ($6,600)⬆️, Plopski($6,800)💥
    • Cash Rating: 2
    • GPP Rating: 5

Evil Geniuses vs. OG

  • Evil Geniuses Priorities: Brehze($8,200)⬆️💪, CeRq($7,800)⬆️💪, Ethan($7,400)🟢, tarik($7,000)💥🟢
    • Cash Rating: 5
    • GPP Rating: 7
  • OG Priorities: valde($6,800)⬆️💥🟢, ISSAA($6,200)⬆️💪🟢, mantuu($7,000)💪
    • Cash Rating: 3
    • GPP Rating: 6

On 2-game slates, I will be breaking the slate down in 1 section as there’s not a ton to talk about with there being only 2 games.

Overall Slate Thoughts: This slate is extremely interesting. We have a hot NiP facing off against an inconsistent NaVi. Then we have a North American team(EG) facing off against a European team(OG) for the first time in several months. Overall in Cash, s1mple is a must. He’s going to be near 100% owned and you just can’t take the risk of him going off without having him in the lineup. Brehze and CeRq were absolutely on fire over in NA and they certainly have the skill level that should make it an easy transition to the EU. For value in Cash, my eyes are mainly set on Ethan and Perfecto. If you have to go elsewhere besides those two players, the next options would be boombl4 and tarik with the latter being more GPP centric. As for GPPs, OG is absolutely in play. They are just too variable in their playstyle for me to play them in Cash against a consistent EG. Valde has emerged as the top performer on the team recently with ISSAA and mantuu right behind him. As for NiP, I could see getting there as NaVi is very off/on, but they are my #4 GPP team to target on the slate. Nawwk and REZ is where you should be going if you want to play them. You may have noticed that I did not mention electronic. That’s due to his pricing. With the price range he is in, I just like everyone around him more.