About Us


1- Full-time staff working around the clock to answer your questions.
2- Ranked DFS Professionals (All ranked top 300 in the world on RotoGrinders.com).
3- Personal coaches to help you with both bankroll management and lineup construction.
4- Daily articles written by Pros for every single sport DraftKings and FanDuel offers daily.
5- Tools to help you make your own lineups and become a better player.
-Variance Volume Meters (How much to bet each night)
-Top 3 plays at each position
-Slate overview
-FanDuel optimized lineups straight from the Pros
-DraftKings optimized lineup templates straight from the Pros
-Position by position breakdown
-“Tom’s Take” – (MLB daily article, NFL weekly article)
-“Tambo’s Touchdown” (NFL Weekly article)
-“Tambo’s Tee-time” (PGA Weekly article)
-“The High Flyer” (NBA Daily article, NFL weekly article)
-“MAS47’s Top 3” (NBA and MLB Daily article)
-“Inside Pit Road” (NASCAR Weekly article)
-“Hitting the Upper 90” (COMING SOON)
-“The Ground and Pound” (MMA Weekly article)
-“Swimming With The Sharks (COMING SOON)
-“The RotoRadar Playbook” (COMING SOON)
-BrittinghamT’s Chalk Lock
-FadeToBlack’s Player Ownership Percentages
-ToeTagginTambo’s Fades of the Week
-On the RotoRadar (Lock of the night)
-Narrative Street
-Website Focus (Best bang for your buck per slate comparing FanDuel and DraftKings).
6- A real business (LLC, EIN, Business License, Trademarks and Copyrights).
7- Pro question and answer live chatroom for every RotoRadar member (Available Monday-Friday).
8- Complete staff to give you the best possible experience (28 current employees).
9- Professionalism and transparency (You know 100% what you’re signing up for and who you’re talking with).
10- Real results (Well documented history / track record of both consistency and large industry achievements).

Good Night and Good Skill,
The RotoRadar Team