RotoRadar’s 2017/18 NBA Playbook

—RotoRadar’s 2017/18 NBA Playbook—

I’d like to start this article by making a simple statement… I CAN’T WAIT TO BE BACK. I sat here and thought to myself how I would start off the article read by hundreds of our most loyal RotoRadar members. I thought to myself, I could talk about all of the offseason moves, but then I realized that wouldn’t be very personable. Then I thought, I could just jump head-first into all of the different reasons I’m excited for the upcoming NBA Season, but you’ve heard that before and if you follow me on Twitter you’ve already seen that. I considered taking the time to write an in-depth intro that would quickly scratch the surface of what each NBA package we offer entails and then dive deeper in the meat of the article on how to use each one individually, but that seemed, well, dry. Finally I thought to myself, “I haven’t updated many of the most loyal members on what I’ve been up to over the past six months after taking off the entire MLB Season after the birth of my daughter Kiara Morgan Pfeiffer.” That seemed to be far more fitting than anything else I could lead into this in-depth guide to how to succeed with RotoRadar this NBA Season. So, first I want to thank you. Thank you for choosing us over everyone else in the industry. I am fully aware there are many products on the market that people have had success with. It would be negligent on my part not to. I’ll tell you this though, there’s a reason you’re here. Whether it’s because you saw how successful all of our members have been the last two NBA Seasons with us or because you yourself found that success with us as a former member we appreciate every one of you for signing up with us.

**Don’t read the following paragraph if you don’t care about my life over the last six months (I promise, I won’t take it personally)**

My life over the last six months has been miraculous, terrifying, breathtaking, testing, rewarding, exhilarating and perhaps most appropriately, fulfilling. As many of you who have been with us over the past three years knows we welcomed our daughter (Kiara) into the world in March. I took off a little less than two months of the NBA Season to make sure both Jenna and Kiara were properly taken care of. Unfortunately, Kiara had some complications at birth that kept us in NICU for a few days. By the grace of God she was able to come home shortly after on oxygen and under very close supervision. If we’re being honest, I probably wasn’t ready to be a dad. I definitely wasn’t ready to deal with the curveballs that were thrown my direction during birth (28 hour labor ending in a c-section). I’ll tell you this though, I wouldn’t have traded any of it for the world. It’s such a cliche saying that is overused, but is more applicable here than it ever has been before. Every single stressful moment, although very plentiful, brought our little family even closer together. Once at home it was time to figure out everything. You can’t go to classes prior to birth and be fully prepared. Those that say they were are lying to you. We went to EVERY lamaze class, every birth class and every infant CPR class. I thought I was pro on this stuff. Man… I didn’t know shit. Little did I know, what they don’t tell you in these classes, is that your home will turn into a baby station. Let me elaborate for a second on this because calling it a “station” doesn’t give it any justice. Our Dining Room table turned into a changing table for the baby (Jenna wanted a changing area everywhere). Our Living Room quickly turned into a jungle gym for her to learn to roll, learn to crawl (still working) and learn to sit up by herself. Our Bedroom turned into a nurse station (recliner to breastfeed in and put the baby to sleep). Our second guest room turned into a nursery. Our guest bath turned into Kiara’s bathing station (portable bathtub at birth because they can’t get wet). Our other bathroom turned into ANOTHER changing station (notice a theme here? Jenna wants a changing station in every room). My office… I didn’t let her in my office ;). Our house and world as we knew it as a couple was completely flipped upside down. Please don’t ever misunderstand me when I’m mentioning anything in this article. These were all exciting transitions, just when I thought the lady at “home safety” class said the house would never be the same, I didn’t realize the HOUSE would never be the same. Stupid me. Once we got the good news that she would no longer need oxygen and that she wasn’t a high risk life became a lot less stressful. Jenna and I exchanged late night shifts every other night to wake up and feed the baby for the first four months. These were things I couldn’t wait to do because up until this point we had to be so delicate when moving her, changing her, feeding her, moving the oxygen cord and that was all a thing of the past. As these things were happening we had to roll out things with the company to ensure we remained financially comfortable. This was a major stress because for the first time I wouldn’t be providing for a long stretch and just putting 100% faith into our Pros. For those that know me, I like to do things myself. I don’t like counting on someone else to do the work for me. This was a very tough concept for me to wrap my head around. Jenna needed me. Kiara needed me. The company needed me. So my three babies came first. I took the summer off. By off, I mean finding the best WNBA Pro in the industry in Alley. This was a high priority once FanDuel announced they were adding the sport. Then came launching our “On The RotoRadar” Podcast with BrittinghamT and TwoMindsBluff on June 1st. Then came rolling out NFL packages along with organizing our live raffle in July. Calls, messages and emails had been coming in for the last six months and I began to pursue these partnerships (TuneIn, MyBookie and more). Once finalized we had to figure out when to make the announcements and when to roll out the Mobile App. That was an absolutely nightmare by the way. Not because of our design team, but because of Apple. Apparently Apple likes money, go figure. All the while, I was busy talking to potential employees, hiring over 20 new employees during this six month stretch and delegating all responsibilities with our current staff (Who I couldn’t have done all of this without). There’s a reason I’m bringing all of this up. I’ve felt very detached from several of the most die hard members in the entire world. I keep having this thought in the back of my mind that soon (tomorrow) I’ll reach out personally to our 50-100 members who have been with us since day one to apologize that I haven’t been as present as I normally am. The problem is, tomorrow never came. Now obviously I hosted every MLB show for the entire month of September, I’ve started to tweet much more than I have in the last six months from my personal handle (@RotoRadarCEO) and I’ve been extremely available to our staff for the last six months for guidance and supervision, but I haven’t been present for you. I don’t need to explain what I’ve been up to, but I wanted to. I definitely don’t want your sympathy as I couldn’t be any happier with how everything at home and with the company are going. All I want is you to understand I’m truly thankful for all of our amazing members and I haven’t forgotten about any of you. I know sometimes it’s been days, weeks or even months for me to return your messages/emails/calls. I’m genuinely sorry for that and believe it or not I still think about the people I haven’t gotten back to (especially our loyal members). Some of y’all have been with me literally since we had 10 members. You guys are like family to me. I’m ready to provide for the entire NBA Season and I couldn’t be more excited to do so. The better question is, are you ready?

I wanted to bring back my “Five NBA Rules To Live and Die By” from last years 2016/17 NBA Playbook for our All-Access Pass. I’ve changed some things along the way that I believed to be necessary, but without further ado, here’s five rules you need to keep in the back of your mind as you play the “RotoRadar Way” for the upcoming NBA Season.

1. Work smarter not harder. “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. It also happens to be one hundred percent applicable to not only DFS, but our company. You’re subscribing to us for our experience, expertise and wealth of knowledge. We’re giving you something no one else in the industry can. We’re giving you a look into not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of the greatest minds/tools in the daily fantasy sports industry. To see results with us think about my friend Ben before playing each slate. Don’t limit yourself when you have all of the tools necessary to succeed, use all of them every single day.

2. 80-20. “Never spend money before you have it.” Thomas Jefferson

I know what you’re thinking, “Am I just going to hear Sean preach to me about what former Presidents thought or am I getting insight into the RotoRadar All-Access Pass?” I can assure you this is the last former President I’m going to quote in this entire article and yes, if you read this you will not only succeed this Season, but have a prodigious season with us. So lets get back to this quote. Believe it or not, Thomas Jefferson was referring to bankroll management far before DFS ever was a twinkle in Nigel Eccles eye. Follow the 80-20 rule! This means put 80% of your bet any given night on cash games or 50-50s. The other 20% you can go crazy on. Literally. Go crazy! You should also be betting only 10% of your bankroll any given night. This means if it’s a good slate, bet no more than 12% of your bankroll. If it’s an ugly slate (According to Sean’s Star Rating) you should bet no more than 6-8% of your bankroll.

3. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit. “The bigger the risk, the better off you are. Otherwise you’re just boring.” Billy Joe Armstrong

You know all of that bs you’ve heard your whole life about less being more? It’s just that, bs. Please pay attention carefully here. I told you in Rule #2 that you should have good bankroll management. If you were paying attention, you would have also caught on when I told you to go crazy with your 20% a night in GPPs (Guaranteed Prize Pools). Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to leave you without knowing how to go crazy. So here it is. Play in the largest entry GPPs you can possibly find. Don’t join small entry GPPs. If there’s a $2 single entry 3,000 man GPP and a $2 multi-entry 30,000 man GPP, which one do you think you should join? The biggest freaking one you can find. I’m telling you this because I hit the top 1% 22 times alone last Season. They were spread out and when we hit, we hit big. Sometimes a $25 entry meant winning $2,000 in one night. So why would you limit your ceiling? If we hit big and you’re in a smaller tournament and take first, imagine jumping on Twitter and seeing 80+ members posting wins of over a thousand dollars. You placed first in your 50 man league and won $200. You get my point? When you’re playing safe with 80% of your bankroll each night, have some fun with the other 20%.

4. Be a fist. “A basketball team is like the five fingers on your hand. If you can get them all together, you have a fist. That’s how I want you to play.” Mike Krzyzewski

When you signed up with us you were a free agent. The day you joined, whether you realized it at the time or not, you became a part of our team. We win together and we lose together. Whether you decide to be on a 10-day-contract or just signed a three year contract is up to you. Coach K is one of my favorite coaches and this quote has been one I’ve lived by my entire life. Recognize the resources that are available on your new team. We have one-on-one coaching sessions Monday-Friday from 4-5 p.m. MTN (The hour before lock). We have a state-of-the art mobile app that brings everything we offer to your fingertips. We provide a podcast Monday-Friday on TuneIn that helps you with creating your own lineups or pivoting off of ours. We provide daily articles giving you our thoughts on the entire slate, not just one lineup for you to copy and paste. We provide you (All All-Access members) with the most accurate projections and Optimize in the industry to use however you want to (See above for any questions about this). This means I want you to embrace the team atmosphere we’re offering you. Ask us questions. Read our articles. Become a sponge of DFS goodness. Being a part of the team also means wearing our team colors proudly. Download the RotoRadar LOGO from your locker room and upload it to your FanDuel/DraftKings profile. It’s great marketing for us, but that’s not why I’m telling you this is imperative for you to do. It’s because it will during the course of a season save you hundreds of dollars. I know you hate hearing this, but there will be nights we’re right on the cash line. If we’re on the cash line and you joined a contest with 40 other RotoRadar members, you’re not going to double your money, you’re going to be splitting a piece of the pie 40 different ways. To avoid overlap, look for RotoRadar LOGOs in your 50-50s before joining them. A good rule of thumb is if there are 10+ members in that tourney, find another one. There are never going to be too many members for 50-50s so just take the time to download the LOGO. It’s for your own good. I’d like to elaborate on what Coach K said. I don’t want to make a fist with our team. I want to punch the competition straight in the face.

5. “DFS is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Sean Pfeiffer

^^^ That just happened ^^^ I just quoted myself. Why? Because if you gain nothing else from this article, I want you to walk away with this… I’m actually proud that I invented this saying more than three years ago and now almost everyone in the industry uses it. You’re NOT going to get rich quick by playing DFS. You’re NOT going to get rich quick by joining RotoRadar. Phew! I feel better already. I am good friends with some of the biggest sharks in the industry. I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to bring something to your attention. A question 90 percent of DFS enthusiasts don’t know the answer to is, “What is considered a successful winning percentage playing DFS?” If you didn’t know the answer, I’m not mad at you. The correct answer is anything over 60% is good. Anything over 65% is amazing. Anything over 70% is unheard of. Why is this important? We are some of the best in the industry, but we’re not going to win at a 100% clip. Heck, we might even have a few bad weeks during the course of this Season. What’s important is paying attention to my second rule and applying it not just for a couple of weeks, but applying it for the entire Season. How do you think people like myself play DFS full-time? I can tell you one thing. It’s not by betting 100% of my bankroll in one night. It’s not by betting sloppily. It’s by following a strict set of rules that I’ve outlined for you to follow. There is absolutely a chance we strike gold the first night you signup. If that happens, great. But following these rules will set you up to build that goldmine hit into a gold rush. If you’re not looking for a steady diet of consistent income, RotoRadar isn’t for you.

In the next five sections of the article I’m going to explain exactly how to maximize your ROI for every package we offer as a company. If you just have a FadeToBlack membership and nothing else, the purpose this Playbook will serve is exactly how to have a profitable Season with FTB. This is obviously the case for the rest of our Pros as well. Enjoy the article and please whenever you finish reading don’t only use this as a one-time read. I don’t want to see one of our NBA members make a mistake when it comes to the things I cover right here. In other words, come back to this and use it as a point of reference throughout the year. If it’s been a few months and you forgot what are some of the other ways you could be using an Optimus Radar NBA Pass, look right here. You’re an All-Access subscriber and don’t know what to do with all of this content? It’s easy. It’s right in front of you and it won’t be going anywhere all Season.


There’s ton of people who live above the rim in the NBA, but let’s rewind a few years and call the first Pro I’m going to talk about your DFS equivalent to Vince Carter. FadeToBlack is coming into his third NBA Season with the RotoRadar Team and he’s geared up this Season. Unlike Seasons in the past, FadeToBlack had a real life offseason. He told me recently that being off this long makes him even more eager to get to work and crush the Season. I wouldn’t expect anything less. I want to start by explaining the kind of player FadeToBlack is. He obviously is a GPP Pro for us, but what does that mean exactly? It means he plays anywhere between 100-200 lineups every single night. He max enters GPP’s. He plays an extremely high volume across all slates that he provides for. This is a tough thing to digest for many members which is why I’m starting here. We get the question AT LEAST 100 times in the NBA Season, “Why did FadeToBlack play _____ (Fill in the blank) when he didn’t provide him in the lineup for his members?” I get it. It’s frustrating. There’s an easy explanation though. He plays almost every player! So the running joke is Fade doesn’t “fade” (Not roster) anyone. So you could just throw darts at a wall too, right? Wrong! What he does is increase and decrease his ownership to any given player on any given slate. For example, say Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving are both on the same slate and at similar price points. He might hate Chris Paul and love Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving). If he loves Kyrie he will have him in 30-60% of his lineups for the night. If he hates CP3 (Chris Paul) he might only have him in 5-10% of his lineups for the night. You see? It’s all about how much or how little Fade likes a player that dictates his ownership. This is why his insight is so valuable. In his “High Flyer” article he’s going to be outlining five different players that he will have little to no exposure to. He will also put the ownership he’ll have to them next to the players name. Underneath the players he’s highlighting he will always have a “Suggested Pivot.” In other words, a player that he would recommend you selecting around the same price point of the player he’s “fading.” This is a valuable tool that you need to be utilizing every slate. FadeToBlack has qualified for multiple live qualifiers (the most of any RotoRadar Pro) and his largest night was a win just a little over $100,000. His success is well documented and you will not be disappointed if you’re an avid GPP NBA DFS player by signing up with his product. So now let’s break down the two options of using his product.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with FadeToBlack for the NBA Season:

-Top GPP lineup on FanDuel – 15 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Top GPP lineup template on DraftKings (One hole in the lineup for you to fill-in) – 20 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Daily “High Flyer” Article (Monday-Friday) – ONE AND A HALF HOURS BEFORE LOCK

-MyBookie “Bet” of the Slate (Monday-Friday)

-GPP Pro Analyst on the “On The RotoRadar” Podcast (Monday-Thursday)

FadeToBlack Member ONLY —> This is a unique spot and you’re a risky player, but I like your style. You’re not here to make a few bucks every night. You’re signing up with our “high flyer” for the slam dunk! So with all of this being said, you need to take an aggressive approach here. Surprising, right? Treat “single-entry” GPP’s as your “cash games” mentioned above. In other words, enter 80% of your GPP bankroll any given night in only single-entry tournaments. With the other 20% throw it in the largest GPP that you can possibly find with the biggest payouts. I’d personally use his lineups in 50% of the 80% (40%) and use your own lineup using the pivots he mentions on our Podcast or in his article. The remaining 20% I’d do the exact same thing with. Split it in half and use his exact lineups in 10% and your own GPP flyers on the other 10%. This is an aggressive membership and route to go, so don’t be surprised if you finish the Season with under a 30% win rate. Believe it or not in GPP’s you can be extremely successful winning 30% of the time because of the simple GPP mentality that it can truly only take one night to change everything. FadeToBlack can and has provided several of those nights.

All-Access Member —> You have everything and you’re wonder how to implement Fade’s article, podcast and lineups. It’s relatively simple. You’re going to be sticking to an 80-20 split every night if you have this package anyways (80% cash and 20% GPP). Of that 20% you should use Fade’s exact lineup as 10% of it in the largest GPP you can find. Of the other 10% you’re going to be utilizing all of our Pros information (including Fades) to have a little fun with the remaining 10% in GPP’s.


BrittinghamT is what you would call a “Cash Game Grinder.” It doesn’t matter the sport. He’ll be grinding and profiting Season in and Season out in cash games. NBA is no different. You might have gotten familiar with his product this previous MLB or NFL Season and if you know one thing about Britt it’s he’s consistent in everything he does. His “Tom’s Take” article is a wealth of information every single slate that you can lean on for in-depth research. If we’re making his product into a NBA reference here he’d have to be your layup. John Stockton wasn’t the most flashy player, but he’s in the Hall of Fame, right? Safe. Consistent. Effective. I’m assuming if you signed up for his product these are qualities you’re a fan of. Britt LOVES head-to-heads, and for good reason. I want to spend a second to talk about this with you while we’re here. This is a focal point for Britt. Meaning, he relies on these contests to literally put food on the table for his family. I’m not kidding. Obviously he makes a respectable living from us as well, but DFS and playing DFS is his full-time job. He essentially has taken the approach of finding the “sure” way to see profit and a positive ROI (Return on investment) long-term. To successfully achieve this, he’s put an emphasis on contest selection and most importantly, head-to-head contests. The reasoning is simple. He understands that your chances to win are much greater if you’re competing against one person as apposed to a group of people. Makes sense, right? So with that being said, there is a respective art to mastering this. You need to join contests throughout the day. You need to post contests throughout the day. You also need to be playing a suggested amount of AT LEAST $200 in head-to-heads a night to see similar long-term profit. This seems very…. Well, committed doesn’t it? That’s because it is. There’s a reason I called him a “grinder.” This style of gameplay takes commitment. Not just for one night either. You have to be ready to take this approach every night, every slate for the entire NBA Season. I’ll say one more thing about it before moving on. It makes complete sense and you will protect your bankroll the most effectively by sticking to this blueprint.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with BrittinghamT for the NBA Season:

-Cash game lineup on FanDuel – 5 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Cash lineup template on DraftKings (Two holes in the lineup for you to fill-in) – 10 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Daily “Tom’s Take” Article (Monday-Friday) – ONE HOUR BEFORE LOCK

-MyBookie “Bet” of the Slate (Monday-Friday)

BrittinghamT Member ONLY (Not part of the NBA All-Access Pass) —> Are you confused about what to do with this? It’s this simple; play 80% of whatever you’re betting on BrittinghamT’s lineup in cash games every slate he provides for. I would almost encourage that number to be even closer to 90%. Which brings me to my next point. How much Head-to-Head exposure is too much? If you’ve ever spoken with Britt, you’ve probably talked about H2H’s at some point. As I mentioned before, of every Pro on our entire staff he’s the one who believes in these contests the most. So my answer to that question would be to allocate 40% of your bet for Head-to-Heads and 40% for 50-50’s and Double-Ups (If you’re playing 80% in cash). Now what do you do with the remaining 10%? Play GPP’s? With a cash game Pro? That’s right! You can use his in-depth article to make suggested pivots off of his exact lineup to players you like. I’d highly suggest doing this. Also, an important note is to not underestimate the value of his lineups in GPP’s. Just because he does provide you with a lineup full of players with high floors doesn’t mean they can’t have high ceilings too.


Slingshot_88 is the guy you just want on your team. He shows up first to practice. He’s a leader in the locker room. He’s a guys guy. You know? That doesn’t help you with DFS… or does it? It actually does. Similarly to on the court, the extra preparation makes him more prepared than ANYONE in the industry for what he provides for, which is the late-night slates. How many companies have someone 100% devoted and dedicated to only the “after hour” slates? I’ll help you out. None. He is the ONLY Pro in the industry that does this and it’s only because he does it exceptionally well. Quick story about Slingshot (I tell it all the time) that I want to add a part to. Sling (Craig) was originally assigned as a RotoRadar Research Assistant designated to focus on writing articles for every NBA slate. He did this successfully for about four months. He heard I was looking to hire a Nascar Pro Analyst and told me his passion for Nascar. I told him if he could get himself ranked in the top 200 in the world in Nascar that it’s a done deal. The catch, I gave him five weeks to do so. The next weekend, not exaggerating, he finished in 3rd place out of over 12,000 to take home $10,000. I was sold. The rest of his story with the company is relatively straight forward. He was soon later promoted to Director of Operations and given a multitude of leadership roles in the company. Then this upcoming NBA Season was unwinding and I kept remembering how freaking successful this guy was in the late night NBA slates last Season. I had to ask. I did and obviously he answered “of course” without any hesitation. It’s needless to say he was the best hire I ever made and it’s almost been three years. Back to making money here… Craig knows his stuff. He researches and prepares more than anyone I know for anything he’s assigned to. Not to mention, he hit the top 1% for after hour slates on FanDuel last year on a SINGLE ENTRY 12 times. Think about that. One lineup. One late slate. 12 1% nights that are fully documented. He also will be providing a daily article to help outline his top plays on the slate.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with Slingshot_88 for the NBA Season:

-GPP lineup on FanDuel for every “late slate” (Wednesday-Sunday) – 15 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-GPP lineup template on DraftKings (Two holes in the lineup for you to fill-in) – 20 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Daily “Deep Threat” Article (Wendesday-Sunday) – ONE HOUR BEFORE LOCK

-MyBookie “Bet” of the Slate (Wednesday-Sunday)

Slingshot_88 Member ONLY —> If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d say you’re only subscribed to Sling because you’re either a late night guy or want to watch the games we’re providing for you and you get off of work late. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Several other members have taken the same leap of faith in Sling and for very good reason. So how do you allocate his GPP lineups and have a profitable Season? Let me start by saying, you should always bet 10% of your bankroll on the main slates and 3% on the “after hours” slates. Obviously you don’t have access to our main slate content if you’re only subbed to Sling so you can bump that number up to 6% of your bankroll. Meaning, if you have $1,000 in your bankroll you should never bet more than $60 per night on Slings lineups. Now what do you do with that $60? You play 100% of it in GPP’s. That’s right, no cash games whatsoever. This sounds dangerous. It’s not. He’s making these lineups to be GPP based. They will have tremendous upside. While the contests for these late slates might not be the most “sexy” they can still be tremendously profitable. I mentioned that no-one else provides for this particular slate as part of a product, which also means we have a HUGE edge on the field here. Feel confident on playing his lineups on whatever GPP your bankroll calls for.

All-Access Member —> So you have the All-Access Pass and you want to figure out how to use Slings late night lineups to see a profitable return on your investment. I touched on it briefly above when I mentioned the percentages, but just to reiterate you should be playing NEVER more than a total of 20% of your bankroll any night with the All-Access NBA Pass. I know, 20% is higher than I’ve mentioned to this point, but realize a few things here. If I rate the slate a five star you should be betting 14% of your bankroll. If Sling rates the late slate a five star you should be betting 6% of your bankroll. I wasn’t a math major in college, but 14+6=20. This is under the PERFECT scenario of both of us rating the respective slate a five star. Trivia question now: What happens when I rate the slate a 3-star and he rates it a 1-star? You play 10% on my lineup and 1% on his for a total of 11% of your bankroll. Final example: What happens if I rate the slate a 1-star and he rates it a 1-star? You play 6% of your bankroll on my lineup and 1% on his lineup for a total of 7% of your bankroll. So, depending on how everything plays out, you could bet anywhere between 7% and 20% of your bankroll any given night with the All-Access NBA Pass.


Optimus Radar is a machine. There’s the most unoriginal sentence I’m going to write in the entire Playbook. I only wrote it because it also might be the most factual and applicable for a multitude of different reasons. First, it literally is a machine. As in, there’s no human element to the projections it provides. Second, it’s win rates across both MLB and NFL (fully documented) have been unbelievably “machine” like. Dan Turner, RotoRadar’s Director of Software Development, designed Optimus and brought it to life halfway through the 2017 MLB Season. Ever sense, I’ve been watching it chalk up win after win for every slate and remarkably for both sports. This is it’s first stab at NBA. It’s safe to say I know what to expect and have learned not to question the numbers. That’s actually something I wanted to talk about. If you’re a believer in this product, like me, you need to remove the human element at times where you might be tempted not to. If you’re like me you will occasionally question the players this “machine” spits out. Don’t. It’s burned me enough in the past to pass a simple message along that you have to trust the numbers and data. There’s several different ways to have fun with this tool that I would recommend, but before we get any further, let’s focus on what comes with this package.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with Optimus Radar for the NBA Season:

Projections for every position (PG, SG, SF, PF and C)

-Projections for every slate (Main, Express and Late)

-Projections seven days a week (Unless otherwise mentioned)

-Projected value for every player

-Lock/Exclude features

-Multi-entry instant lineup functionality (Up to 20 at one time)

-Exclude game features

Optimus Radar ONLY —> There’s many different ways to win using Optimus. First, you can literally just let the Optimizer give you it’s most optimal lineup and trust the numbers. Second, you can exclude any games or teams you don’t like from Optimus Radar and then run the projections to incorporate a little bit of your personal input. Third, you can lock in certain players you might like based on specific matchups, research or even just preference and customize the machine to fill in the blanks for you. My suggestion would be to find what works for you. If you’re using it alone you should allocate 80% of your bankroll in cash games using the “optimized lineup” you generate simply by clicking the “optimize” button at the bottom of the machine. For the remaining 20% I’d lock in your favorite players on the slate and let it do the rest for you. Have fun with it. There’s an immense amount of capabilities this offers so utilize them to their fullest potential. It’s YOUR toy.

All-Access Member —> Play 60% of whatever you’re betting on MAS47’s lineup. Of that 40% play 50% of it in 50-50’s and the other 50% in cash games (Doubles or 50-50’s). Play 20% of your bet on the Optimal Lineup that Optimus Radar gives you on this slate by simply hitting the Optimize button. Of that 40% play 100% in cash games (Double or 50-50’s). Play the last 10% on FadeToBlack’s lineup he will provide in the largest guaranteed prize pool tournaments (GPP’s) you can possibly find. Also, play around with different variations of lineups using both the member-only chatroom, the “On The RotoRadar” Podcast and the Pros articles. Use the machine as a tool at your disposal. Also, I’d highly suggest using the Optimizer to fill-in the remaining holes on the DraftKings Templates our Pros provide. There’s a TON of ways to use Optimus Radar effectively.


MAS47 is your two-way NBA Superstar. An easy comparison would be Kevin Durant, LeBron James or Kawhai Leonard. He plays offense (GPP’s) with some of the best in the game and gets back to play lockdown defense on the other end of the court (Cash Games). Sorry y’all. I had to keep in theme and talk in first person in the spirit of remaining consistent throughout the article itself. In all reality, that’s exactly what you get by signing up with me. I’ve always called the lineups I provide “premier” lineups. The reason for that is simple. You can play them in both cash games and GPP’s. It might sound crazy, but when you dive a little deeper the water actually becomes much more clear. Think about something for a second when analyzing what both “cash games” and “guaranteed prize pools” (GPPs) are. In cash games you want to roster players that provide you with the highest floor. In tournaments you want to roster players that provide you with the highest ceiling. The way I’ve always looked at it is, “Why not achieve both in one lineup?” I only play one lineup a night. I play the lineup that is provided. I play it in 80% cash games (slate depending) and in 20% GPP’s. I have done this now for five very successful NBA DFS Seasons. How? I find players who might not necessarily be “safe” (A qualification for all cash games), but do provide in what I feel like is a relatively “safe” floor. I also find players that provide me with incredible high ceilings to pair with these other players. This provides my lineup construction build to achieve everything you would want in both cash and tourney’s, a high floor and a high ceiling. I hit the top 1% last Season 22 times and finished the Season with a cash rate of 65%. These are two stats that I keep track of as the Season progresses in my “MAS47’s Top 3” article. This formula has made for some very eventful, exciting and profitable Seasons going into my sixth year playing NBA DFS. My research is a little bit different. I do look at DvP, DRPM, historical data, Vegas total, line movement, prop bets, trends, pace and much more for the hours leading up to lock, but this isn’t what I believe gives me an edge over the rest of the industry. They all have the same data to look at. They all have the same tools at their disposal. What they don’t have is the time it takes to devote to truly understand the game. What I mean by this is they don’t watch every game from the second the slate locks until the second the games go final. They don’t record and rewatch every game that they missed until 3, 4 and sometimes even 5 a.m. to study rotations and coaching tendencies. They haven’t studied the NBA from the sidelines professional (former career). They haven’t been trained in the media for things to look for that others won’t see. They don’t study the game like I do. I gain more than 50% of my NBA DFS knowledge from simply watching the games. Fortunately, I have an amazing wife that is as big of a NBA fan as I am and truly looks forward to watching every game with me every night. I’m not blaming or pointing fingers at the other Pros who don’t have this luxury in the industry. I’m simply stating I do. When you’re stuck with that final decision of do I play Player A or Player B when last minute injury news comes in it’s your basketball IQ and watching the games that helps me make those decisions after looking at the numbers.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with MAS47 for the NBA Season:

-PREMIER lineup on FanDuel (Monday-Saturday) – 7 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-PREMIER lineup template on DraftKings (One hole in the lineup for you to fill-in) – 15 MINUTES BEFORE LOCK

-Daily “MAS47’s Top 3” Article (Monday-Friday) – TWO HOURS BEFORE LOCK

-MyBookie “Bet” of the Slate (Monday-Friday)

-CASH Pro Analyst on the “On The RotoRadar” Podcast (Monday-Friday)

MAS47 Membership ONLY —> Well, first of all, thank you. Thank you for choosing my team for the NBA Season. I can assure you of one thing, we’re all going to have a ton of fun together. So what’s the best way to utilize my “style” of playing and make money with me for the upcoming Season. I would highly recommend betting dependent of my “Star Rating” in my “MAS47’s Top 3” article. A good rule of thumb:

1-Star Slate = 100% GPP

2-Star Slate = 60% CASH / 40% GPP

3-Star Slate = 70% CASH / 30% GPP

4-Star Slate = 80% CASH / 20% GPP

5-Star Slate = 90% CASH / 10% GPP

My reasoning is the less edge we have on the field the more you should play in GPP’s. More than likely there will be a correlation between “edge” and “variance.” In other words, you have as equally of a good chance to hit in cash games as you do in GPP’s on a slate with little to no variance. Would you rather double your money or quadruple it (or more)? That’s what I thought. So on those rare 1-Star nights, go crazy folks. As the edge increases, it’s important to tighten up on your contest selection. Now let’s take a look at how much of your bankroll you should be betting nightly pending the slate rating. I will be using a base bankroll of $1,000 for the below example:

1-Star Slate = 6% of your bankroll ($60)

2-Star Slate = 8% of your bankroll ($80)

3-Star Slate = 10% of your bankroll ($100)

4-Star Slate = 12% of your bankroll ($120)

5-Star Slate = 14% of your bankroll ($140)

If you stick to the above blueprints you will see long-term success with my this NBA Season. It’s the literally blueprint I follow every year and it’s been very kind to me in the past. Lock and load my exact lineup in 95% of all entries and pivot off of my lineup/template using the article/pod for the remaining 5%.

All-Access Member —> Play 60% of whatever you’re betting on MAS47’s lineup. Of that 40% play 50% of it in 50-50’s and the other 50% in cash games (Doubles or 50-50’s). Play 20% of your bet on the Optimal Lineup that Optimus Radar gives you on this slate by simply hitting the Optimize button. Of that 40% play 100% in cash games (Double or 50-50’s). Play the last 10% on FadeToBlack’s lineup he will provide in the largest guaranteed prize pool tournaments (GPP’s) you can possibly find. Also, play around with different variations of lineups using both the member-only chatroom, the “On The RotoRadar” Podcast and the Pros articles.


If you just spent your time reading all of the above you just read a little over 7,500 words. That means if you’re an “average reader” you just spent 35 minutes reading the article. If you’re a “slow reader” (not judging) you spent a little over an hour. I just want to say thank you. I know that it will pay off for you in the long-run (Maybe not the stuff about my life the last six months). You’ve all taken a leap of faith in choosing to be with any of our Pros/Machines and it’s greatly appreciated. Let this Playbook serve as a reference point for you for the entire 2017/18 NBA Season. Come back to it if you forget anything. Follow all of the different advice for your unique situation. A few last things before my fingers fall off, please don’t forget to upload our LOGO to your accounts. It’s for you MUCH more than it is for us. Also, please don’t forget to use the hashtag #RotoRadarNBA in all of your posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when tagging us after the night is over. You have no idea how much those shoutouts mean to me personally and I know that goes for the rest of our staff as well. Please don’t hesitate to follow up with any questions you might have. If you’re reading this I’m assuming you’re a loyal member so here’s my personal cell phone number – (719)663-2033. You can text me anytime and call me during business hours should there be any questions that you may have. I’m always available. Thank you for being on the RotoRadar Team and I can’t wait to follow along with all of your success on social media for the duration of the 2017/18 NBA Season.

As always, good night and good skill,

Sean M. Pfeiffer

RotoRadar CEO and Founder


Leader in DFS Advice