NFL All Access Packages

You don’t just want to pick between one RotoRadar Pro or the other, you want it all!
Well here’s your one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING RotoRadar.
In this pass you’ll have the ability to sustain your bankroll with the best cash game lineups from BrittinghamT and score huge with the industries best GPP Pro Analyst in ToeTagginTambo. We have a team of full-time DFS Pros who are some of the biggest names in the DFS industry. In other words, you’ll get direct access to the EXACT lineups highly ranked full-time DFS Pros are playing every single weekend. What more could you possibly want?

What you get with the All Access NFL Pass:
1.) On The RotoRadar Podcast featuring BrittinghamT and ToeTagginTambo
2.) ToeTagginTambo’s two GPP lineups for and FanDuel and his DK Advice.
3.) BrittinghamT lineup for FanDuel and DraftKings Advice
4.) Tom’s Take (Weekly Article)
5.) Tambo’s Touchdown (Weekly Article)


A little bit more information about the RotoRadar Pros:

**ToeTagginTambo made a name for himself a few years ago after taking down some HUGE tournaments. Ever since he got the taste in his mouth of what it felt like to turn a little into a lot, he couldn’t get enough. Currently Tambo is ranked #163 in the world, #42 in PGA and #159 in NFL. He’s essentially mastered the art of taking down larger tournaments in all sports, so you can guarantee this NFL Season will be no different. His largest accomplishments in NFL came on January 16 of 2016 when he turned a $5 bet into $20,000! He also has won more than $10,000 on a NFL slate four different times.**

**You can be assured signing up with BrittinghamT is one of the most highly respected DFS Pros in the industry. His strongest sport is undoubtably NFL with the highest ranking of #133 in the entire world on Britt has been a RotoRadar Pro since the beginning of the 2016 MLB Season. His daily article, “Tom’s Take” has quickly gained many people in the industries attention due to the quality content and detail that is poured into each article. His largest accomplishment in NFL came on October 4th in 2015 when he won more than $30,000 in one night. Don’t think just because he’s a cash game specialist you won’t have the tools you need to score a GPP touchdown.**

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Past Years Success (Brit Top/Tambo Bottom):