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WHEN: July 11, 2017. 5 p.m. MST.

Welcome to our $20,000 Raffle! Let’s break down exactly how you can win a ticket and what the prizes for this particular raffle will be. What we’re giving away on July 11th is going to be the most that any daily fantasy sports company has ever given away. We’re GIVING AWAY MORE THAN $20,000 IN PRIZES! You read that right! That’s not a joke, nor exaggeration.

HOW TO GET A TICKET TO OUR RAFFLE: All you have to do is post your results on Twitter or Facebook with the #RotoRadarNBA, #RotoRadarNFL, #RotoRadarNHL, #RotoRadarSOCCER, #RotoRadarNASCAR, #RotoRadarMMA or #RotoRadarPGA. Each time you post a result showing you have won with us using that hashtag, you’ll receive an entry into this raffle on July 11th. We will be sharing publicly how many entries every person has the week before our live event. Each time you post you will get another entry. Yes! That’s right! You’ll be able to get more than 300 entries into this raffle. Your profile must be public so that we can see the mention of our hashtag and you’ll know you received credit if we retweeted it (Twitter). If you don’t get a retweet from us, please message our page and we will make sure you get credit. On July 11th, we will be streaming live these results, showing us putting these names into the raffle, showing our hands the entire time and showing us drawing these names. Our raffle will provide 100% transparency.

1st – RotoRadar Hall Of Fame Pass for THREE Years (Three calendar years of access to everything we offer as a company. All sports. All Pros. All content. $16,000 Value)
2nd – NBA All-Access Pass ($1,000 Value)
3rd – NFL All-Access Pass ($1,000 Value)
4th – Optimizer All-Access Pass (NFL/NBA/MLB – $500 Value)
5th – MLB Half-Season All-Access Pass ($350 Value)
6th – PGA All-Access Season Pass ($400 Value)
7th – NHL Season Pass ($500 Value)
8th – NASCAR Season Pass ($250 Value)
9th Place – WNBA Season Pass ($250 Value)
10th Place – SOCCER Season Pass ($250 Value)
11-20th Place – RotoRadar T-Shirt ($250 Value)

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