When you visit our home page you’re greeted with a large graphic – “RotoRadar: Leader in DFS Advice.” It’s a claim we don’t take lightly and we try our very best to live up to it every single day. We pride ourselves on providing the best content in the daily fantasy sports industry and we hire some of the best Pros in the business to give you that content.

As a company we also embrace innovation and experimentation. Our industry-leading optimizer, Optimus Radar, is one example of it. Our daily MLB podcasts hosted by two of the best MLB DFS Pros is another and individual coaching sessions and the forthcoming RotoRadar Mobile App are more. We’re always looking forward as a company with the primary goal to provide our members with the best experience available. We like to offer as many choices as we can so our members can pick and choose different packages to tailor their experience at RotoRadar to exactly what they’re looking for.

In that spirit of innovation and experimentation, we’ve decided to expand the scope of what we offer and are rolling out our first official RotoRadar book. Most of us who work in DFS have our roots in season-long fantasy sports. Thirty years ago this summer was the author of this books very first fantasy football draft and our book is written specifically for those that play in season-long fantasy football leagues.

“RotoRadar’s Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide: Using Game Theory and Analytics to Build Winning Fantasy Football Teams” is a mathematically-based look at how to draft the best fantasy football team because if my 30 years of playing fantasy football have taught me anything, it’s that you win or lose on draft day. The purpose of our book is to not give you a cheat sheet and opinions; it’s to provide viable strategies that you can use in your fantasy football drafts that are based on math — game theory and analytics.